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is potato good for you


Is potato good for you

is potato good for you - Potato benefits are numerous as Simple facial masks, Potatoes contain starch, cellulose, vitamins B1, B2, phosphorus, prevent against water loss.

❆ Is potato good for you ? it is a question that you may interested in knowing the answer so read the following to know. I hope you enjoy.

❆ If you want to get beauty skin with potatoes, you can easy do this by following what are mentioned below as the potato benefits are numerous.

❆ Potatoes contain starch, cellulose, vitamins B1, B2, phosphorus. Cooked potatoes are high in vitamin C which is good for your health.

❆ Eating a small amount of potatoes is good for your blood pressure, keeping it stable and provides nutrients to feed the hearts arteries. In addition, potatoes are also have great ingredients that help you stay looking beautiful with surprise effects.

❆ Simple facial masks that are easy to make from potatoes also help strengthen the skin’s moisture balance and prevent against water loss and oily skin which will keep your face looking clean and fresh.

How to have beautiful skin using potatoes?

1. Potato juice: ( which is the 1st of potato benefits )

❆ Apply to the face letting the potato ingredients penetrate into the skin, being persistent and using it daily and will help you to have skin that looks clean and fresh looking.

2. Skin cleansing mask: ( which is the 2nd of potato benefits )

❆ Potatoes can also be used as masks. Cut the potato into slices and place directly onto the face, if used for a while you’ll see your skin becomes soft, fresh and beautiful.

3. Reduce acne: ( which is the 3rd of potato benefits )

❆ When acne nodules or inflamed cystic acne appears, using potato juice, saturate a cotton swab and apply on the blemishes, the special ingredient in the potato will help to heal and reduce the inflammation quickly.

4. Whiten mask: ( which is the 4th of potato benefits )

❆ Mash the boiled potatoes, mix with fresh milk without sugar and apply on face for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water, your skin will visibly look more beautiful in the morning.

5. The mask for oily skin: ( which is the 5th of potato benefits )

❆ Mash the boiled potatoes, mix with oatmeal and water and mix together until it becomes a smooth texture. Apply it on your face and wait for about 30 minutes then rinse off with water.

6. Reduce wrinkles: ( which is the 6th of potato benefits )

❆ Puree 3 strawberries, 1 tablespoon of fresh milk and ½ boiled potatoes into a smooth mixture, applied to the skin surface after it has been cleaned first, leave it on for 30 minutes then use warm water to rinse it off . Use before bedtime.

7. Eye skin care: ( which is the 7th of potato benefits )

❆ Cut potatoes into slices, remove the outer skin and wash, place the slices on face to cover the eyes up. This will help reduce wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.

8. Relieve eye dark circles: ( which is the 8th of potato benefits )

❆ Blend potatoes to make a liquid then leave it stand till cold, use cotton balls soaked up in this liquid and wipe over the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This will help reduce swelling, bring fresher looks and relieve tired eyes. This is good for very sensitive skin.

9. Neck skin care: ( which is the 9th of potato benefits )

❆ Wash 1 potato, steam cooked if possible, peel and mash. Add 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and 10 drops of fresh lemon. Mix into a soft texture. Pour onto a cotton ball and apply on the neck. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash off the neck with cold water.

10. Add moisture to dry and dehydrated skin: ( which is the 10th of potato benefits )

❆ Steam cook a large potato puree and add a few tablespoons of cream to soften. Add a few drops of almond oil (can substitute olive oil) and mix until it has the consistency and good texture, if it is not, then let’s add a few more tablespoons soft cream. This mask is very effective in moisturising and softening the skin, it is very suitable for people with skin dehydration.

Note: although the potato has many uses that help with beauty but only use it in moderation. It should only be applied 2-3 times per week. Because if you use it too much it can cause undesired side effects. I hope that you get the answer for the the question of is potato good for you.

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