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Best exercise to lose weight


Best exercise to lose weight

Best exercise to lose weight - For healthy weight loss is important to do both cardio and strength training in various programs, fitness for weight loss. Do exercise to lose weight.

❆ Did you know that the correct process of weight loss is best achieved through a combination of healthy diet and regular exercise? In order to fight with excess weight with exercise for weight loss for training time you need burn more calories than you consume in food.

❆ A number of calories you will expend during a exercise for weight loss, is directly dependent on the duration of exercise, intensity, frequency and type of exercise, as well as other factors.

❆ Exercise that can help you burn more than 500 calories for one hour and have a high rate of return, are basketball, soccer, aerobics, rowing, swimming and jogging. If you can not engage in exercise for weight loss a whole hour,, then try to break it up into several short training sessions, with a duration of at least 10 minutes.

Exercises to lose weight

1. Cardio Workout

❆ Cardio workouts are designed to strengthen cardiovascular system. These include load without additional weighting materials, such as aerobics, cycling, jogging, and others.

❆ The benefits of cardio workouts have heard many. But few people know that 1 hour jogging at a moderate speed burns about 2 times more calories than aerobic exercise. So if you plan to lose weight, without cardio workouts you cannot do this.

❆ During cardio workouts the burning of fat going much faster than with strength training, as our body begins to rapidly consume oxygen. Accordingly, increases calorie consumption. But strength training have a more lasting effect, because our body require huge energy costs and continue to work for the next several days after the training.

❆ For healthy weight loss is important to do both cardio and strength training in various programs, fitness for weight loss.

2. Strength Training

❆ Strength training is an exercise that are performed using various weighting, such as dumbbells. Before developing its own program, you should be familiar with the basic principles of strength training. Knowing them, you will to choose the right weight, determine the number of sets and number of repetitions.

❆ When you turn on exercise for weight loss in your strategy for weight loss, make sure you choose the types of physical activity that you really like.

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