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Exercise while trying to conceive


Exercise while trying to conceive

Exercise while trying to conceive - Women trying to conceive can be benefited from performing the following exercises: Walking, Biking or Cycling, Swimming, resistance training, etc.

❆ Women trying to conceive can be benefited from performing the following exercises:

Perform the following exercises

1. Walking

❆ The most commonly recommended exercise to women trying to get pregnant is walking. You might be overweight, unfit and looking to lose some weight to ensure that you stay at your best health during pregnancy; walking will help you to achieve your goals successfully. Walking being a low-impact aerobic activity can be performed by people of all fitness levels with equal ease. However, make sure to wear supportive shoes while going for walks.

2. Biking or Cycling

❆ Another low-impact aerobic activity is biking or cycling. You can shed all the excess fat stored in your body or maintain healthy body weight by going for cycling regularly. Cycling also helps in increasing insurance and muscle tome and improving circulation. Through cycling, you can reduce your chance of developing type-2 diabetes and prevent increase in your blood cholesterol levels. Get yourself enrolled in an indoor cycling or outdoor biking class; majority of these classes have special preconception programs for women trying to get pregnant.

3. Swimming

❆ Swimming is widely recommended as a safe and effective preconception exercise. Water aerobics, swimming laps and jogging in water are all non-impact activities. These exercises help in increasing our muscular and cardiovascular strength. Swimming also strengthens our muscles significantly.

4. Perform resistance training

❆ Women trying to conceive are often advised to perform resistance training 2 to 3 times in a week. Resistance training helps in having strong bones and muscles, which makes pregnancy a more comfortable experience. Women can perform exercises using their own body weight in the preconception stage; examples of such exercises include planks, dips, pushups, lunges and squats. They can also perform exercises using additional weights like medicine balls, kettlebells, resistance bands and dumbbells.

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