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Best foods for clear skin


Best foods for clear skin

Best foods for clear skin - There are many ways for skin care and keeping your skin beautiful and healthy such as using masks, making-up or doing exercise....

❆ There are many ways for skin care and keeping your skin beautiful and healthy such as using masks, making-up or doing exercise… Like the other parts of the body, the skin should also be taken care of by providing vitamins and essential minerals which help the skin more beautiful and brighter. Eating fruits good for the skin is an effective skin care and easy to apply. Here are the best fruits for clear skin that you should regularly eat, they not only help to beautify the skin but also bring many benefits to your health.

5 best fruits for clear skin you should eat

1. Papaya

❆ Papaya contains a natural antioxidant. Especially an enzyme papain can function as removing the dead cells. Therefore, you can enjoy the delicious taste of papaya or apply face masks combined with honey or yogurt to beautify your skin.

2. Bananas

❆ Bananas are rich in vitamins A, B and E which are substances when absorbed into the body will help to strengthen the skin against aging. Besides, minerals such as magnesium, potassium and fiber will help the body circulation of blood vessels and increase the immune system. So eat bananas regularly is a good way to help the skin healthy and smooth.

3. Oranges

❆ Oranges also provide vitamin C which is absorbed into the body can remove the dead skin cells, and prevent the aging process effectively. In addition, dried and crushed orange peel which is used to exfoliate the dead cells each week also helps the skin smoother and brighter. Therefore, you should also put oranges onto the menu of delicious desserts to beautify the skin.

4. Lemon juice

❆ Lemons contain high levels of vitamin C and the natural acids which help to eliminate the skin melanin and make the skin brighter. Every morning a cup of warm water mixed with a little lemon juice and honey can help to reduce the phenomenon of rough skin and prevent acne.

5. Apples

❆ Apples are very useful fruits for our health because they contain more fiber and high in antioxidants, so eating apples also provides nutrition and enhances anti-aging naturally. Add apples into your diet because they make the skin brighter and healthier.

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