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food to stop hair fall


food to stop hair fall

food to stop hair fall - women often suffer from hair loss. To prevent this situation, Here are the top foods that help you prevent hair loss and stop its falling.

8 Foods To stop Hair fall

❆ On rainy days, in addition to facing the common ailments like colds, skin diseases, malaria, and folliculitis… women also often suffer from hair loss. To prevent this situation, as well as taking a break and resting, a scientific diet also plays a very important role. Here are the top foods that help you prevent hair loss. The healthy breakfast is also important.

1. Almonds

❆ According to several studies, people with hair loss often lack vitamin E, zinc, iron and vitamin B6. Meanwhile, the almond is a food rich in zinc and vitamin E, which helps treat baldness extremely effectively. If you eat 15 almonds daily, this will help stop hair loss and bring your hair back to a healthy condition.

2. Fresh fish

❆ Fresh fish contain essential fatty acids for the body, capable of helping rapidly growing hair and limit hair loss in the long rainy days. In addition, fish also gives you healthy nails and smooth skin.

3. Whole grains

❆ Rice bran or wheat is rich in silica and iron. These are two substances that help the body absorb vitamins as well as minerals from other foods. When the body has abundance of minerals and essential vitamins, the hair loss will not exist anymore.

4. Raisins

❆ Raisins are good for both human beauty and health. Raisins contain abundant iron levels, iron in the blood contributes to bringing nutrients to the organs and other body parts. This allows the growth of hair hence giving you a greater motivation to eat. Experts recommend that we should eat every day 30 – 40g raisins persevering for 15 days to help improve the blood and effectively prevent hair breakage and loss.

5. Fruits rich in vitamin C

❆ Fresh Orange, tangerine, kiwi… Are very rich fruits that contain vitamin C. Although vitamin C has no direct effect, but it helps your body better absorb iron from the foods. Thereby contributing to the hair becomes stronger, limiting hair loss due to the impact from the outside elements like rain.

6. Beef and shellfish

❆ Beef is a food rich in protein and zinc. These two nutrients are good for hair care, while zinc helps keep the hair strong and proteins make up the leading role.

7. Keratin – the main component of hair

❆ Mollusks, such as clams, oysters, clams, mussels… are very rich in zinc, which help rejuvenate and maintain the hormonal balance in the body and has the ability to make your healthy hair every day and limit hair loss.

8. The legumes and pulses

❆ The direct cause leading to a hair loss problem is due to lack of biotin. Green peas, soybeans, lentils… these foods are rich in biotin, which is able to help you prevent this situation. Additionally, foods like soy or tofu are capable of preventing the formation of dihydrotestosterone, hormone-related hair loss.

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